Scientific Program

Scientific Program

The symposium will consist of five Scientific Sessions. Each of the five scientific sessions will have a Chair and a Co-Chair, who will be responsible for introducing speakers and recognizing questioners at the end of each presentation. In addition, the Session Chairs have been asked to give 30-minute presentations, summarizing critical developments in that particular area of research and his/her own contributions.

Session chairs were selected by the local Scientific Program Committee members to represent outstanding scientists engaged in research that would bring a fresh perspective and new ideas applicable to nonhuman primate models. Each of the Session Chairs listed below have accepted our invitation to the symposium. Session Co-chairs will be selected from the host institution (WaNPRC).

Other selected presentations will be 10-minutes long with five minutes reserved for questions from the audience. The table below shows the list of topics and the corresponding Session Chairs. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks will be included within these half-day sessions to facilitate informal exchange of ideas among conferees.

Keynote Speakers:

Irini Sereti, MD, Chief, HIV Pathogenesis Section, NIH National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases

Thomas Hope, PhD, Professor of Cell & Molecular Biology, McCormick School of Engineering and Obstetrics and Gynecology, Northwestern University

Session Topics and Chairs (click name for more details)

Session Topic I:             The Current Epidemic: Transmissions and Prevention Efforts; Prevention NHP Models
Session Co-Chairs:       Ian McGowan and Mauricio Martins

Session Topic II:          The Current Epidemic: Pathogenesis, Morbidities, Mortality; NHP Pathogenesis
Session Co-Chairs:       Peter Hunt and Jennifer Manuzak

Session Topic III:          HIV Prevention Models And Other Infections in NHP
Session Co-Chairs:     Dawn Dudley, Jonah Sacha, Michael Gale

Session Topic IV:          The Way Ahead: Cure & Therapeutics
Session Co-Chairs:        Ann Chahroudi  and Katharine Bar

Session Topic V:           Bench to Bedside: Translating to the Clinic
Session Co-Chairs:       Grace Aldrovandi, and Dan Barouch

Invited Speaker:           Jeremy Smedley – New Surgical Approaches in Nonhuman Primate